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Love and Seek
Main address: 75225 Dallas TX
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  • 33+3 mobile complaints
  • $12.5K claimed losses
  • $347 average
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You just stole money out of my checking acct. PUT IT BACK NOW.. I live o bbm SS and .can not afford this loss...I am Elizabeth Gaither 814 williamsburg W. Drive Nashville Tennessee 37221 615-415 7416 You have my bank acct number I need this money in 24 hours Add comment

I realize thay deception to the fact that most of the men who say they are Christians have no clue what a Christian man is. Add comment


  • Sep 29
  • Social Networks
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Online Dating Website
  • 39

I was new to the area and somehow Love and Seek found me and I fell for the opportunity to meet Christians in the area. I quickly picked up on fake profiles and reported those. However, I believe that the agency actually perpetuated the profiles in order to develop interest in their sight. Claims of new possibilities were really just the same old matches. Many were out of the area and did not... Read more

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  • Aug 19
  • Advertisements and Cons
  • Service Refund
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  • 123

A few weeks into the site, I wanted to cancel. I explained that the people they kept sending to me was from out of state or out of county. I ONLY would be interested in locals. I was told to "try it for awhile." After 3 weeks, I called to cancel. I previously paid for three months. I asked for only half my money back (for 3 weeks use). I spoke with Brandon and he basically said "no such... Read more

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I have a hard time logging in.I wanted to change myemail and they would not let me.It seems likw there are alot of scammers on there and I have not been able to login for almost two weeks.It seems their CSR is not consistent.They fix a problem and then it gets undone.VERrY Frustrating.I have not had yhis issue with any other o.lune dating site..Stay Away not worth it..No one lives near me Add comment


  • Aug 13
  • Social Networks
  • Online Dating Website
  • 85

Was contacted 11/4/13 by a man from New Caney, TX - so sweet, loving, romantic, convincing - UNTIL he had me hooked!!! I was a vulnerable widow, still grieving and fell for him hook, line and sinker. Has a pattern of use and abuse manipulating and using women for his benefit.....had his own agenda from day 1 - to begin a new life in Wa State - hated it in TX - he kept me on the string, used me... Read more

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  • May 20
  • Entertainment
  • Butler, Pennsylvania
  • Dating Services
  • 39

love and seek was put on my email not wanted I never asked for it, I don't want it. take this junk off my email how dare you stuff things down my throat without permission. I will never do bussines with any goone like you. you should be arrested how do you expect to have people to like you when you treat everybody this way, all people hate you, wake up have some sense of decency, I have to enter... Read more

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  • Feb 13
  • Social Networks
  • Photo Upload
  • 42

The photo I uploaded would only go to album. I contacted them repeatedly since I had met all of the guidelines for an acceptable photo yet they never once responded, other than sending a generic message that did not address my concerns. Now, I find that my login does not even work even though I supposedly have almost 3 months left on my membership. Like other people, I found that since I paid I... Read more

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  • Dec 16, 2013
  • Entertainment
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Trial Membership
  • 81

I signed up in November for a one month trial membership. After a month I received emails from members surprisingly when I got no activity during my month membership. I believe loveandseek set up a ficticous contact to email me that they were interested in me. So I emailed "her" back and then I got to thinking why is my account still being active after the one month subscription was over with.... Read more

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  • Sep 21, 2013
  • Professional Services
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Dating Service
  • 1
  • 1
  • 64

Since enrolling with them I have learned that I am physically in a terminal state and could die at any moment with COPD, congestive heart failure and bladder cancer. Consequently, romance is the last thing on my mind at this time, and I want to cancel, They are deducting a monthly charge for this from my bank account, and I cannot secure a physical location for them where I can cancel this with... Read more

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